Pastor Kirk Franklin’s Son, Caziah, Gets Engaged

 Pastor Kirk Franklin's Son, Caziah, Gets Engaged

Pastor Kirk Franklin’s Son, Caziah, Gets Engaged

Caziah Franklin, the son of Pastor Kirk Franklin recently announced his engagement to actress, Alena Pitts. Miss Alena Pitts is the daughter of late Wynter Pitts who is a niece to Dr. Tony Evans.

The engagement has sparked immense joy and anticipation among their families and communities. This union brings together two extraordinary families, bound by love and faith, marking a significant milestone to be celebrated with fervor.

Priscilla Shirer in a post on Instagram shares in the excitement as her extended family member takes this momentous step. Likewise, Pastor Kirk Franklin,and wife, Tammy join in celebrating his son’s engagement to a woman whose upbringing reflects values of faith, compassion, and strength.

As the young couple prepares to embark on the journey of marriage, they carry with them the blessings and support of their families and loved ones. Their engagement signifies not only the union of two individuals but also the merging of two legacies dedicated to spreading love, hope, and faith.

With heartfelt prayers for abundant blessings and happiness, their families eagerly await the joyous wedding day when two souls become one in the presence of God and their loved ones. May their love continue to flourish, their faith deepen, and their bond remain unbreakable as they journey through life together.

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