Pastor Levi Lusko’s Father, Chip Lusko Dies at 72

Pastor Levi Lusko's Father, Chip Lusko Dies at 72
Pastor Levi Lusko’s Father, Chip Lusko Dies at 72

Pastor Levi Lusko’s Father, Chip Lusko Dies at 72

Fresh Life Church pastor Levi Lusko, is in mourning after the unexpected passing of his father, Chip Lusko, on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.

Chip, 72, succumbed to a brief illness that took a tragic turn over Easter weekend. The news comes as a shock to the community, especially considering Levi’s previous social media update in May 2023. At that time, Chip was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and hospitalized over Easter.

Following the discovery, Chip underwent chemotherapy throughout June 2023. In a hopeful update that same month, Levi expressed his belief in a “miracle” and lack of further spread. By August 2023, Levi publicly acknowledged God’s intervention and the medical team’s success in treating his father.

However, on Good Friday of this year, Chip’s health took a devastating turn. Admitted to the hospital for what initially appeared to be a minor issue, tests revealed a more serious condition with only days left.

“His body was shutting down,” wrote Levi in a heartfelt tribute. The Easter weekend that followed was a deeply emotional one. Surrounded by family, Chip’s final days were filled with prayer and worship as his health rapidly declined.

Despite their pleas for a miracle, Chip passed away. While Levi grieves the loss of his father, he finds solace in his faith. “We celebrate the incredible glory he now experiences in the presence of his Savior,” Levi wrote.

Chip Lusko’s passing held a unique twist. A lifelong early riser, Chip breathed his last just after midnight on the memorable date of 4/2/24, a palindrome. “It’s almost like he couldn’t wait to start his new day in Heaven,” Levi remarked with a touch of comfort.

Chip Lusko leaves behind a legacy of faith, strength, and a love of life. A memorial service to celebrate his life is expected to be announced soon.

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