Pastor Michael Todd Sermon – Distractions In The Deep

Pastor Michael Todd Sermon - Distractions In The Deep

Transformation Church shares this new sermon by Pastor Michael Todd titled “Distractions In The Deep // Are You Distracted?” delivered on Sunday February 21 2021 as part of the ‘Anchored Series’. Herein, Pastor Mike Todd teaches about the distractions we face in the deep and the story of Peter walking on water. The senior pastor of Transformation Church and the husband of Natalie Todd reveals that what God says in the deep is more important than what you see in the deep.

Reacting to the this Sunday dated February 21 2021, Pastor Michael Todd wrote on Instagram:

“WHAT AN AMAZING SUNDAY! I am in awe of God! In January, God told me to share His prophetic word of the year for us and told us to get #Anchored ⚓️

Through the last 6 weeks, God has reminded us to “Mark His Words” because He still speaks.. And as He has spoken, we have moved away from the SHALLOW ➡️ Into the Deep! 🌊⚓️🌊 As we have trusted His voice, our response has become “If You Say So.” 🤷🏾‍♂️ And now, it is time to be aware of Distractions in The Deep so that we can remain #Anchored all year!

I am so thankful for you #TCNation! You have received God’s word and are getting #Anchored to Him! And not just that, but so many of you are getting creative with the messages! Thank you @candera_gilbert for using your gift to encapsulate every message I have preached in such an encouraging piece of poetry! You are awesome!”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Michael Todd – Distractions In The Deep – and do not forget to always check in for the latest sermons from Michael Todd.

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