Pastor Rick Warren: How To Help A Friend In Deep Pain

Today we present you a message from Pastor Rick Warren which is titled “How To Help A  Friend In Deep Pain”.

Rick starts off the message by telling us that God expects us to help others in their pain and in their grief. The bible says this in 2nd Corinthians 1:3&4.

God helps us with our problems and our grief, so that we can help other people in their problems and grief, with the same comfort that we have received. The big question is how do we help a friend in deep grief or need?

He tells us that lidfe is unpredictable and that we do not know the kind of curve ball life is going to throw at us. You are going to lose loved ones and everyone you know is going to lose loved ones too.

When you are in a pit, grief, or major loss, there is that one friend that walks in when everyone walks out. Another question is; Who can count on you as a friend in their time of pain. If you only show up in good times, you are just an acquaintance and not a real friend.

In this message , pastor Rick teaches us four simple skill you can use for a person in pain. He teaches about the importance and the relevance of our tears.

  1. Tears are God’s gift for expressing emotions. This is because you are made in God’s image. God is an emotional God and that is the reason we have any emotion at all. Gen 6:6. God can experience pain. John 11:35. Tears are liquid emotions and they can express any emotion known to mankind.
  2. Tears are what makes us human. Tears are really the most basic form of communication. The bible is a tear saturated book from Genesis to Revelation. This is because the bible tells the truth about human experiences and life itself is filled with tears.
  3. Tears are a normal and healthy part of life – Exodus 3:4. Because of our culture, men have been taught to suppress their tears. To the men, never be embarrassed to express sadness, when life is sad. God wants you to grieve because that is how you get through life.
  4. Tears are a universal language. They are far more powerful than words. That is why you learn to cry before you learn to talk . very culture understands tears.

The Bible in Romans 12:15 tells us that;

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. 15 Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.“.

However,  many people are pretty good at doing the first one (rejoice), do you know to do the second part.

How then do you use your tears in comforting others?

  1. When you see someone in pain, take the initiative to connect.
  2. Do not hold back your tears, let them see your tears too
  3. Don’t speak, just show up and shut up. Not saying anything is the best thing to do.
  4. Remember all tears are temporary.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Rick Warren: How To Help A Friend In Deep Pain” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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