Sarah Jakes Roberts: How To Trust God In Retrospect

In Today’s episode on the Podcast, Sarah Jakes Roberts and Ashley Blaine-Featherson Jenkins chat about trusting God in retrospect.

Sarah Jakes talks about how she is in that season in retrospect and how she once walked away from faith and from relationship with God. Now when she thinks about it, all she thought of then was how her life was a mess and without hope. She did not see how God could have had hope for her life too.

According to Sarah, she is currently having a retrace about those moments where she felt most disconnected with God. She is retracing to those moments where she felt she had walked away from God. However, being who she is now made her realize that she did not really go anywhere.

She thought that she had walked away but she was still under the same room, same purpose, same call, same journey and same anointing.

Sarah added that it is impossible to walk away from the cloud that has been following you from day one. The reason is that God never leaves us. She has come to a stage where that part of her that felt disconnected and distant is realizing how intimately connected she was with God through it all.

At that point in her life, what she needed was someone to help her translate what was happening in her world. Sarah acknowledged that her parents did an incredible job at helping in that moment of her life.

This is a conversation that you will learn a lot from.

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