Pastor Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Mark Wedding Anniversary

Pastor Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Mark 9th Wedding Anniversary

Pastor Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Mark Wedding Anniversary

Pastor Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Mark Wedding Anniversary: Popular American pastors, Pastor Toure Roberts and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, recently marked their 9th wedding anniversary in a very special way.

The couple has been together for 10 years and has been married for 9 years. They met in 2014, when the couple was introduced through a mutual friend. Although they were both previously married to other spouses, they have children from their respective first marriages. However, Pastor Sarah and Toure can be described as two peas in a pod and are the perfect example of what love, sacrifice, and support should be. Their marriage is a source of inspiration to a lot of families, as they call theirs a “blended family”.

What we admire most about this couple, besides their incredible fashion sense and their love for God, is their ability to seamlessly blend their families together. Their commitment to each other and their children is evident in the way they navigate challenges and celebrate triumphs as a united front.

Pastor Sarah Jakes, on her part, penned a heartfelt anniversary message to her better half, Pastor Toure Roberts, on social media. Sarah reminisced about their love story and went ahead to highlight how much Pastor Toure means to her.

“Touré, my love, our love story will forever be my favorite. You fill my cup to the overflow with joy, wisdom, strength, hope, power, and love. You are my constant reminder that God knows my name. I am grateful to be your partner, friend, lover, and wife. Nine years feels like nine decades and nine seconds because of the enigma that is our life.”

On the other hand, Pastor Toure expressed deeply his love for his beloved wife. In an Instagram post, Pastor Toure shared
“I made a decision nearly 10 years ago and made it official 9 years ago TODAY to partner in life, love, purpose, and preeminent friendship with a unique soul named Sarah.”

He went further to say that getting married to Pastor Sarah was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life. He emphasized how much they have grown together and how far they have come.

“Today, after what feels like worlds of growth in every area, struggles that turned into triumphs, thrusts into new frontiers of ministry, business, and impact, raising children, developing adults, giving away in marriage, and so much more, I can honestly say that decision consummated 9 years ago today was by far one of the best I’ve ever made.”.

We wish the Roberts a very beautiful anniversary and more love from God to keep them together.

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