Pastor Zack Parkhotyuk Celebrates Wife’s 24th Birthday

Pastor Zack Parkhotyuk Celebrates Wife's 24th Birthday

Pastor Zack Parkhotyuk Celebrates Wife’s 24th Birthday with Heartfelt Message

Pastor Zack Parkhotyuk, leader of Hungry Generation Youth, the vibrant youth ministry of Hungry Generation Church, led by Pastor Vladimir Savchuk, has taken to social media to shower his wife, Genesis Parkhotyuk, with love on her 24th birthday.

In a heartwarming social media post, Pastor Parkhotyuk expressed his gratitude and love for his wife.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!” the post exclaimed, followed by a string of emojis conveying love.

He went on to declare his wife as the reason he feels like “the luckiest man alive.” He further emphasized that marrying her was “the best decision I could’ve ever made.”

The post went beyond birthday wishes, highlighting his wife’s incredible qualities. Pastor Parkhotyuk described her as “such an amazing woman,” praising her for “the way you love, the way you lead, and the way you follow God.”

The post concluded with a powerful declaration of love: “I love you, baby.” He then toasted their journey together, writing, “Here’s to 24 years of life. And so much more.”

The message resonated with the online community, garnering many comments congratulating Genesis and praising the couple’s dedication to each other.

The couple, still in their first year of marriage after tying the knot on June 2nd, 2023, jointly lead the Hungry Generation Youth Ministry. Hungry Generation Youth is known for its focus on empowering young people.

Parkhotyuk’s public display of love and appreciation for his wife is a positive example for the young people they lead.  With a thriving youth ministry and a strong marriage at its core, Hungry Generation Youth is poised for continued growth and inspiration.


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