Pastor Vlad Savchuk Offers 20 Ways a Husband Can Show Love to His Wife

Pastor Vlad Savchuk Offers 20 Ways a Husband Can Show Love to His Wife

Pastor Vlad Savchuk Offers 20 Ways a Husband Can Show Love to His Wife

Hungrygen Church senior pastor Vlad Savchuk is sparking conversation online with a social media post outlining 20 ways a husband can show love to his wife.

In the Instagram post shared Monday, Savchuk cites Ephesians 5:25, which calls on husbands to love their wives “just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” as the inspiration for his list.

He took this verse to heart, crafting a list of actions demonstrating Christ-like love within marriage. The list, which has been widely shared and discussed, includes a variety of gestures, ranging from the simple act of opening the car door to the deeper practice of sharing spiritual experiences.

The list also includes acts of service, like taking out the garbage and loading the dishwasher, and more emotionally focused actions, like offering compliments, holding hands, and going for phone-free walks together. It also highlights the importance of communication, encouraging couples to share their feelings and truly listen to each other.

Spiritual aspects of marriage are also included in the list. Pastor Savchuk suggests praying for one’s wife and discussing spiritual experiences during quiet times. He also proposes renewing wedding vows every ten years to recommit to the marriage covenant.

Social media users have responded positively to the post, praising its focus on grand gestures and everyday acts of kindness. Some comments highlighted the importance of adapting the list to individual relationships, while others expressed appreciation for the pastor’s emphasis on spiritual connection within marriage. Others praised the pastor for offering practical and heartfelt advice, expressing gratitude for the reminder to prioritize their marriages.

“I don’t really care much about 1–13. But I am truly appreciative of 14–20,” one user commented. My husband absolutely understood this very well. He does 14–20 so well, by God’s grace. We are about to celebrate 15 years of being together, and it is just getting better and better.”.”

Pastor Savchuk’s social media message serves as a reminder that love is a continuous act, not just a fleeting feeling. By incorporating these thoughtful gestures into their daily lives, couples can build stronger, more fulfilling marriages.


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