Perry Noble to expand Second Chance Church

Perry Noble, the founder and senior pastor of Second Chance Church discloses his intention to start a new campus

In a Facebook statement on Tuesday, Perry Noble revealed he is so in love with the church and pastoring that he is wanting to start a new campus. He also disclosed the challenges he likely would encounter in executing his plans. He however further stated that the challenges regardless won’t hinder him from doing God’s work.

“To be honest – if it were up to me, I would keep things like they are. I love our church. I love every single Sunday. I love being “below the radar” of “Christian news.” I know that taking this step of faith (to start another campus) means taking more shots (criticism). I know it means opening myself up to trust more people. I know it means I have to get out of my safe zone. God, in His mercy, has shown me that His call on my life is to walk in faith, not fear!” He wrote. “… And I cannot allow fear of man to keep me from God’s plan” he added.

Furthermore, Noble stated he would be disclosing the location of the new church he intends to start by the weekend. He also expressed his excitement over his expected outcome. “So @thesecondchancechurch I will hopefully be announcing the location of where we are going to start our Greenville campus this weekend!!! I am pumped because I know we are going to see more and more people come to Christ,” Noble said.

Conclusively, Noble stated the expansion wouldn’t be starting straight away. “One more thing”, He concluded, this launch will not be immediate. We are AT LEAST a year away, so, be patient with us as we get everything ready.”
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