Police in Search for Perpetrators After New Jersey Pastor was Shot

Newark Police are actively in search of perpetrators and compliance of a New Jersey pastor who was shot in his home, causing severe internal injuries.

Pastor Timothy Huff of Green Pasture Missionary Baptist Church in East Orange was shot in the chest early Thursday morning, CBS New York reported. A video footage made available to the public suggests that the pastor may have been shot by a woman.

According to ABC7, the video shows two ladies walking up to Huff’s home one of them pulls out a weapon and starts shooting at the residence

The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. Eastern time in Newark’s Central Ward area. Huff’s family was reporting their son’s car’s damage to 911 at the time of the incident.

“I’m out here with these young ladies here and they’re vandalizing our car and threatening us,” Delois Hudson-Huff, the pastor’s wife, told the network.

The shooting triggered the activation of a ShotSpotter device in the vicinity of 45 4th Street, RLS Media said. It added that the automated system “promptly” led police to the scene.

The family contends the police never showed up and that the perpetrators returned twice within 30 minutes.

The family claims that the pastor was taken to University Hospital when 15 minutes elapsed without emergency personnel showing up

“When the bullets went flying, Timothy Huff was sitting in the living room with his wife. He immediately used his body to protect her,” Hudson-Huff said. “I was applying the towels to his chest and they were filling with blood and I’m telling my son it’s not stopping.”

Huff has reportedly undergone two surgeries, including one to remove the bullet. “The blood vessels around his heart were bleeding. Now we’re finding out his kidney has failed. They removed half his lung,” Hudson-Huff said.

According to Huff’s family which consists of eight children and 18 grandchildren, the pastor is now receiving dialysis and is still in a critical but stable condition

The family said Huff was not the intended target of the shooting. “He helped everybody. I don’t know anybody he wouldn’t help,” a family member, Dante Hudson, was quoted as saying.

According to Newark police, the investigation is ongoing. The family said they are cooperating with the police investigation and are hopeful for Huff’s recovery.




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