Prayer For Inspiration – Oh Lord Please Inspire Me And Make Me Great

Prayer For Inspiration

Prayer For Inspiration – Oh Lord Please Inspire Me And Make Me Great

Prayer For Inspiration

A simple prayer for inspiration can just change your life. Inspiration is a major key to a major breakthrough. Some people drive inspiration from different things but there is no better inspiration source anywhere in the world greater than God. When god inspires you, you are good to go, you are made for life!!

“When in doubt, pray it out! Stop looking around for someone to give you all of life’s answers. When you center yourself, your answers will appear.” – Rahsha Batiste

Say this prayer for inspiration below:

Oh lord God of mercy, please do not look upon my sins but look upon the faith of your Church and forgive my sins. Father please I’ve been passing through difficulties regarding this particular issue (Mention the issue). Please father I seek the hand of the almighty God in this issue. I pray for your guidance, inspire me oh lord, give me foresight to see the end of this issue from it’s beginning so I can know the path to take. Do not forsake me oh lord for only in you can I get inspired. I believe and trust in you oh lord let this inspiration flow, let the test come so that testimonies will flow and never allow me to stay away from you in Jesus name, Amen .

Remember to say all prayers with faith and dedication. Remember that even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed it can move mountains and make fountains overflow if only you believe.

Also remember that our God is a jealous God though merciful. Strive to make him happy and you will see your life changing for good, better and best.

Sin keeps us away from God, let us try our best stay away from Sin and always ask for forgiveness once we default.

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