Prayer For Today – Daily Prayers That Keep You On Track


Prayer For Today

Prayer For Today – Daily Prayers That Keep You On Track

Prayer For Today

Pray everyday and the word will be a very sweet and enjoyable place for you. A Prayer For Today will bring forth testimonies. Have you noticed that whenever you start your day with prayer involving your body, soul and mind, your day turns out to be the great and lovely ? Try to handover everything to GOD in prayers daily and watch a sudden positive turn around in your life. Our God does not lie or deceive! Talk to him, strive to avoid sin and your life will be full of testimonies.

Say any of these prayer for today :

“I believe since God made the days we live, He has total control over them like everything else He made. Pray to God to personally control your day for you”

By definition, a new day stands for every possibility. It represents the positive outcomes success, joy, good health, happy family, employment, peace, and good decision (etc). Still, a new day could stand for other less unsavory outcomes. And so, every day should be welcomed and prepared for with daily prayers. For that, we have written prayers that can be applied to every possible outcome. These prayers should be aimed at both ourselves and our beloved because they are to be used to seize and make permanent—happiness, success, good health, good family (etcetera) for all of your days.

“A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful” Luke 1:78″

Prayer for today 

Our Holy Jesus, Lord of love and life, we praise your name above all names. We give you thanks for saving us from ourselves for we often do the most dangerous things without a doubt. Help us, we pray, to follow your teaching and take time to think before we act. You continue to guide us along the right path and with grace and forgiveness we strive to do better. Help us to increase in faith and to walk with you as we go through this life. Thank you for loving us just the way we are. In your beautiful name, I pray. Amen.

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