Prince and Princess of Wales Visit Church to Commemorate Late Queen Elizabeth II

Prince and Princess of Wales Visit Church to Commemorate Late Queen Elizabeth II
Prince and Princess of Wales Visit Church to Commemorate the First Anniversary of Late Queen Elizabeth II

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited St. David’s Cathedral on Friday to commemorate the life of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the first anniversary of her death.

The prince and princess were welcomed by Sarah Rowland Jones, dean of St. David’s who led them from the cathedral’s Great West Door through the nave to the Quire.

They paused in the Quire to view the sovereign’s stall, a special feature in a British Cathedral. The sovereign’s stall has only ever been occupied by her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who did so during each of her four visits to St. David’s.

The prince and princess participated in a short service, An Act of Reflection on Accession Day. Afterward, they laid flowers before an official portrait of the late Queen.
While leading the service Dean Sarah remarked that it was “particularly poignant” to welcome the Prince and Princess of Wales on Accession Day the first anniversary of the death of the Queen.
“Today countless numbers will be remembering her, with both sadness and with great affection; giving thanks again for her long life of dedicated service – as we do here,” she said.

“In reflecting on her faithfulness, we reflect also on that greater faithfulness of God to his people: the promise, of which the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the ultimate witness and guarantee, of God’s loving desire to work for good, for us and in us and through us; to help us do and be our best, whoever we may be, if we will only let him, trusting ourselves into his hands.

“Pilgrims past and present have sought God’s help, as they have come here seeking answers to questions, solutions to problems, healing, or just yearning for refreshment and renewal. Our prayer is that all who come, for whatever reason, may be profoundly touched by being in this place, and find God’s answers to their prayers.”

“Today, as we reflect, may each of us know God’s comfort in our sorrows, his strength for life’s challenges, and his promise of faithful companionship with us, as we travel onwards with him, wherever our pilgrim journey leads.”

After the service, the prince and princess visited Edmund Tudor’s grave, the father of Henry VII and direct Welsh ancestor of the Royal line, as well as the rebuilt Shrine of St. David.

They next signed the visitors’ book and viewed the Cathedral’s Book of Condolence, where thousands of people had left tributes to the Queen after her passing. Before leaving the cathedral, the Prince and Princess met members of the community with links to Her Late Majesty.



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