Prophet Brian Carn: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry And Net Worth

Prophet Brian Carn jnr. is an American prophet, gospel minister and religious leader. He is famous for his prophecies which he has shared to enlighten the world on what is coming. Currently, he is the general overseer of Kingdom City Church, Charlotte, North Carolina & St. Mary’s, Georgia.

Brian Carn gained widespread recognition in the Christian community for his accurate prophecies and predictions about individuals and world events. He has been invited to speak at various conferences, revivals, and church gatherings around the world, where he delivers messages that are believed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

As with any public figure, opinions about Prophet Brian Carn can vary, and there may be supporters who vouch for the authenticity of his ministry and critics who have raised concerns about certain aspects. It’s essential to approach any spiritual leader or figure with discernment and critical thinking, as well as seeking wisdom and guidance from trusted spiritual mentors or leaders.

Prophet Brian Carn
Prophet Brian Carn


Brian Carn was born on the 11th of September 1989, in Jacksonville, Florida USA. His father’s name is Brian Carn Snr, while his mother’s name is Andrea Carn. The preacher’s only known sibling is Keaundra Nickelberry.

Prophet Brian had salvation at the age of eight and the gift of the Holy Spirit shortly after.
Because of these things, Brian’s spiritual growth accelerated, and as a result, he began to preach the Bible at a very young age. In fact, Brian Carn led his first three-day revival when he was just twelve years old.


Prophet Brian Carn was born on the 11th day of September 1989.

Family Life

The prophet is single as at the time of this publication. There is no information if he is dating anyone at the moment. However, there is a woman named Kim White who claims that she is the prophet’s wife. He has a dog named Brady which he loves.

Prophet Brian Carn: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry And Net Worth


At a very young age, Prophet Carn began his ministry. Right now, he has an international following of well over 300,000 people. The Brian Carn Ministry has been broadcasted all over the world on television stations such as: Daystar, TBN, and The Word Network, where he has been the host of two (2) shows, “Brian Carn LIVE” and “Prophetic Encounters with Prophet Brian Carn”.

Prophet Carn was publicly acknowledged by Benny Hinn at a crusade in Florida. Pastor Hinn prophesied that Brian Carn would walk in the same anointing and mantle that the Lord had placed on his own life, emphasizing that Carn would receive a “double” portion.

Prophet Brian Carn, who has served in ministry for many years, is the Chief Executive Pastor of Kingdom City Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and St. Mary’s, Georgia. He is also a speaker of holiness, a student of the Word, and a known prophetic voice on a global scale. He is recognized for his enthusiasm, humility, and prophetic accuracy.

Among other things, Prophet Brian is also a gifted singer and recording artist. Some of his songs are:
  • Abba, I belong to You
  • God is Doing Something Wonderful.
The worship minister has also shared platforms with numerous artists in America.
Prophet Brian Carn: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry And Net Worth


Brian is a prolific author with several books to his name:
  • The Vault is Open 1
  • The Vault is Open 2
  • The Making of a Prophet
  • Where is My Charger? Old Testament Prophets in a High Tech Society
  • The Future Secrets of America


In 2020, Prophet Brian was called out for holding a church service while he tested positive for corona virus. An audio recording captured evangelical preacher admitting he has coronavirus-related symptoms before he defied calls to close his church and hosted packed Easter service without a mask or protective gear.

Also, in February 2022, he was again called out and rebuked by Bishop Demetrius Sinegal over allegations of sexual immorality with his wife.  Prophet Brian has not denied or admitted it but this is not the first the preacher is getting called for having an affair with someone’s wife.

In 2018, there were rumors that a man of God had sexually assaulted the wife of a member of his congregation at their Jacksonville apartment while their daughter was fast asleep.
The victim’s husband, a church employee, claims that when he brought up the situation, Carn dismissed him. These rumors however were never verified.

 Net Worth

Some reports say that Brian Carn‘s  net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. However, we cannot truly estimate how much he is worth because information about his earnings are yet to be verified.

You can find and follow Prophet Carn on the following social media platforms

Instagram: @prophetcarn

Twitter: @prophetcarn

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