Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Sunday Service May 22 2022

This is the Sunday service at Enlightened Christian Gathering for May 22 2022 with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and it is a service you will love to be part of. Shepherd Bushiri who is the senior pastor of Enlightened Christian Gathering will be live alongside his wife Mary Bushiri. The senior pastor has transformed the lives of many Africans and Asians through his teachings and lifestyle. His Sunday sermons are top notch.

Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Shepherd Bushiri wrote on Instagram:

“Welcome to the Sunday LIVE Service with God’s elected Prophet, Major 1.

Tune in to all our official media pages and your life will never be the same again.

We are LIVE!”

Watch and learn from this Sunday Service on May 22 2022 with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as we bring the latest messages from Prophet Bushiri to you.

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