Sarah Jakes Roberts Announces Spring “Power Moves” Tour

Sarah Jakes Roberts Announces Spring "Power Moves" Tour

Sarah Jakes Roberts Announces Spring “Power Moves” Tour

The Potters House assistant pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has announced the spring “Power Moves Tour,” a six-city, one-night-only experience designed to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

“Get ready to unleash your power and become a force to be reckoned with,” declares Sarah Jakes Roberts in a social media post.

The tour offers an engaging evening full of inspiration and useful tools to help people find their inner power and have a good effect.

Beginning in Houston on April 25th, the tour stops in key cities such as Chicago, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and the DMV before concluding on May 7th in Los Angeles. Every destination will feature a special one-night event that provides a chance for personal development and interaction

The core theme of the tour revolves around self-discovery and empowerment. Attendees will delve into the concept of finding purpose and living authentically, drawing inspiration from Sarah’s unique perspective.

“Together, we will discover how God sees us and find the courage to make a difference in the world,” the post continues. The tour promises to be more than just a motivational talk; it aims to create a supportive and inspiring community where individuals can learn and grow together.

The tour coincides with the highly anticipated release of Sarah’s new book, “Power Moves: Ignite Your Confidence and Become a Force.” As a special bonus, attendees who purchase gold or silver tier tickets will receive a signed copy of the book, adding an extra layer of value to the experience.

Tickets for the “Power Moves Tour” are now available at With a focus on self-discovery, community building, and unleashing individual power, this tour promises to be an empowering experience for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and make a difference.

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