Sarah Jakes Roberts: Don’t Post About It, Pray About It

Today we bring you a fresh message from Sarah Jakes Roberts, which is titled “Don’t Post About It, Pray About It.” This is an excerpt from the message “Headwinds.”

In this message, Pastor Sarah talked about waiting on the Lord for the manifestation of his promise. She points out that it is very difficult to run, drive, or swim against the wind. The only time that the wind seems to be an advantage is during takeoff.

Sarah tells us that there is something about the perception we have to have about the wind. There is also something about the intentionality we have to have about the wind. She tells us that we need to understand that we are neither running nor swimming against the wind. This is because we are covered in such a way that even when the wind comes our way, all we can do is take off. Take off from another dimension of who you are to another level of what God has called you.

Speaking further, Sarah lets us know that we should not be afraid of the whirlwind going on around us. We have a whirlwind, and something will happen when the two winds collide. Sometimes, when we are in trouble, we think that we are all alone until we realize that we have a backup. God is creating these winds that do not look like winds. They appear to be problems and issues from which we believe we will never be able to recover.However, amidst all of these, God has a plan.

Again, she reminds us that there is a thin line between the manifestation of what God said and the time he said it. That time is what is called a waiting period. Don’t give up on your dreams and vision for your life simply because the wait seems too long! God doesn’t want us on auto-pilot, just going along with the motions. He wants to take us out of our comfort zone and into new territory! BUT, in order to do so, we must first become acquainted with the winds that blow us back and forth during the waiting season. Don’t give up. Your faith can’t dwindle now.

This is a message that you will enjoy.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, “Don’t Post About It, Pray About It ” as we bring the latest messages from pastors around the globe to you.

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