Serita Jakes Calls for Sisterhood Support

Serita Jakes Calls for Sisterhood  Support

Ahead of the Woman Evolve Conference and in honor of Women’s History Month, celebrated annually in March, Serita Jakes, wife of The Potters House church founder T.D. Jakes shares a powerful message encouraging women’s empowerment.

In Tuesday’s message on her Instagram page, Serita emphasizes the importance of supporting one another on our personal and spiritual journeys.

She emphasizes the need to keep one another accountable, lend a sympathetic ear, and offer support. Additionally, Serita stressed the importance of sisterhood, highlighting the vital role women, regardless of age or background play in one another’s lives.

“Ladies, in honor of Women’s History Month, I want to remind you that we are our sisters’ keepers,” wrote Serita. “This means we support each other’s spiritual and personal walks by offering a listening ear and
prayer. We also provide our sisters with encouragement and accountability when needed,
because no matter the generation or the role, our positive presence is crucial.”

Furthermore, Serita encourages those seeking to connect with other women and build their sisterhood to join the 2024 @WomanEvolve conference. The September 26 – 28 conference presents an exciting opportunity, promising a “mighty delegation” where women can unite, empower each other, and celebrate their shared experiences.

For more details about the conference and how to join this empowering event, interested persons are to visit the link in the bio:

Serita’s message comes days after her daughter and Woman Evolve leader Sarah Jakes Roberts shared a powerful message challenging societal expectations of women.

The message, which also seeks women’s empowerment in honor of Women’s History Month, features a list of out-of-date and restrictive statements meant to regulate women’s conduct and looks. In her message, she urges women to defy these social standards that frequently control and limit their lives.

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