Touré Roberts’ Grandmother, Bettye Jo William Laid To Rest

Touré Roberts’ Grandmother, Bettye Jo William, Laid To Rest

Pastor Touré Roberts bid farewell to his beloved grandmother, Bettye Jo William, who was laid to eternal rest today.

While the details surrounding her passing were not disclosed, the heartfelt message shared on Instagram by Roberts following the funeral paints a picture of a life brimming with positivity and kindness.

Roberts, expressing his belief that Grandma Bettye witnessed the ceremony “from above,” spoke of the lessons she imparted.

“I’m convinced that you witnessed from above, many of us gathered together today to express our love and our appreciation for who you were to us in this life,” wrote Roberts. “You taught us how to embrace joy at all times, to stay young at heart, and to never miss an opportunity to dance.”

Described as someone who experienced life to the “fullest,” Roberts recognizes his grandmother for elevating “love and kindness” to the standard of excellence. She will be remembered for love, laughter, and living life abundantly

As the family reflects on Grandma Bettye’s life, they carry with them the cherished memories they hold dear.

Although details about Grandma Bettye’s funeral service were not made public, it was evident from the outpouring of love and support that she left an indelible mark on those who knew her.

In an Instagram statement showing the unspoken support provided during trying times, Pastor Roberts’ father-in-law, Bishop T.D. Jakes, shared a photo of himself and Roberts strolling back from the internment.

“Today, we laid to rest @toureroberts grandma Bettye,” Jakes wrote, acknowledging her importance to both Roberts’ family and his own. “She was so many things to their family. She touched us as well.”

Jakes’s post included a message of support, highlighting the power of simply being present during difficult times.

Roberts responded to Jakes’s message in the comment section, expressing his gratitude for his support and presence. “Your paternal instincts were invaluable in such a difficult moment,” acknowledged.


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