Shepherd Bushiri Rejects Calls to Run for Malawian President

Shepherd Bushiri Rejects Calls to Run for President

Shepherd Bushiri Rejects Calls to Run for Malawian President

The head of Malawi’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, Shepherd Bushiri, has taken to social media to distance himself from a growing movement urging him to run for president of Malawi.

The Malawian preacher issued a strong statement on a Wednesday Instagram post, urging his followers to refrain from the demonstrations.

His message reads: “I have seen a trend on social media mobilizing people to go and demonstrate in the streets here in Malawi in order to force me to run for the presidency. I strongly and vehemently warn against doing such. It is against my will.”

Bushiri, known for his philanthropic efforts in Malawi, did not elaborate on his reasons for refusing a potential run. This has left many online followers surprised, with some expressing disappointment. However, others have offered unwavering support for his decision.

“You made the right decision, @shepherdbushiri,” a user wrote. “You focus on ministry. They should make you a minister instead. That one, the pressure is not much. Than letting you go.” “Dad, you are wise, and I trust your decisions as God speaks to you directly. Thank you, my prophet,” another added.

The sudden online movement for Bushiri’s candidacy is intriguing. He has become a complex figure in Malawian society. While facing legal troubles in South Africa, Bushiri remains a revered figure at home, admired for his leadership and social activism.

His charitable contributions are undeniable. In 2022, he funded scholarships for thousands of Malawian students through a bursary program. Following the devastating Cyclone Freddy, which struck Malawi in 2023, he offered swift aid to the government, by providing food supplies and other aid to the victims.

This incident highlights the evolving role of religious figures in Malawian politics. While Bushiri appears uninterested in the presidency at this time, the online movement advocating for him speaks to his undeniable influence in the country. It remains to be seen whether the calls for demonstrations will fade or gain momentum.


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