Shepherd Bushiri Responds to Cyclone Freddy Devastation with $8 Million Relief Program

Shepherd Bushiri Responds to Cyclone Freddy Devastation with $8 Million Relief Program

Following the devastating Cyclone Freddy that struck Malawi in March 2022 and subsequent dry spells, Enlightened Christian Gathering Church founder Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary Bushiri have launched a comprehensive relief program estimated to cost over $8 million.

The program announced Sunday on Bushiri’s Instagram page aims to reach those most affected by hunger and hardship across the country.

“Pray for us as my wife and I have embarked on reaching out to those affected by hunger due to the catastrophic Cyclone Freddy followed by dry spells this farming season,” Bushiri wrote.

“We have estimated to spend slightly above 8 million US dollars which is equivalent to over 14 billion Malawi Kwacha – throughout all our relief programs.”

He went on to urge “everyone who can, to please, support and help where possible.”

Commending the Malawian president’s tireless efforts in providing relief for the affected masses, he emphasizes the importance of national unity in overcoming this challenge.

“Our President Dr Lazarus Chakwera is working tirelessly in handling the situation and we will all do well to stand with him, “Bushiri appealed.

On 12th March 2022, barely two months after Bushiri prophecized about a forthcoming flood in Malawi, the country experienced terrible flooding in some of its states, leading to massive destruction of properties and loss of lives.

At the time Bushiri visited the affected areas and adopted over 8 camps of the victims in response to the tropical cyclone effects. He also donated “roughly 500,000 USD worth of items” as well as a Helicopter that would help distribute relief items in inaccessible areas.

Reacting to his charity effort, however, Bushiri said “It is important to serve these wonderful people, yesterday, today, and every other day that follows. Our promise is that we will be there for them every step of the way.”
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