Stephanie Ike On How She is Coping With Ministry and Pregnancy

Stephanie Ike On How She is Coping With Ministry and Pregnancy
Stephanie Ike shares how she is coping with ministry and pregnancy


The Executive Pastor of The Potter’s House at One, Los Angeles Stephanie Ike has shared on Instagram how she is currently coping with ministry and her heavy pregnancy.
In a Wednesday Instagram post, Ike acknowledged that running a ministry while heavily pregnant is rather challenging. She went on to quote a Bible verse which she noted is her source of strength and encouragement during this time.
“The words of Philippians 4:13 have brought so much truth and encouragement to my life: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” But for me, it’s not just about doing “all things,” but doing all things in alignment with God’s purpose and will for my life,” She wrote.
She further gave instances of two recent occasions when God came through for her during her challenging period.  Expressing her unwavering belief in God’s intervening power, she affirmed that last week, God strengthened her to accomplish two “God-ordained assignments” that took her to Texas and Miami.
“Even during my pregnancy, when fatigue can sometimes make it difficult to leave the house, I have experienced moments of incredible strength through God’s intervention. For example, just this past week, I had two God-ordained assignments that took me to Texas for the @rccgtheamericas Emmanuel Conference, and then to Miami for @vouscon.”
“In both places, God showed up in ways that were beyond my natural comprehension, strengthening me and giving me what I needed to fulfill the assignment,” she narrated.
Ike conclusively dropped a piece of advice, reassuring people “not to limit what God can do through your life. If He calls you to go, trust in Him and know that He will make a way for you. Be open to the unexpected ways that He may show up and call you to new levels of obedience and growth.”
Pastor Ike married in September 2022. She is currently expecting her first baby. She is an author. In 2015, she published her first book ‘Moving Forward: Biblical Teachings for Walking in Purpose’.
She is also the creator and producer of the Voice of Hope Series, a storytelling platform featuring conversations about following one’s dreams. The 32-year-old pastor also is the host and producer of “The Same Room’, a digital talk show and podcast that offers insight on faith-based topics.


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