Stephen Chandler Reflects on Powerful ARC2024 Experience

Stephen Chandler Reflects on Powerful ARC2024 Experience

Stephen Chandler Reflects on Powerful ARC2024 Experience

Stephen Chandler, founder of Union Church, took to social media yesterday to share a heartfelt reflection on his recent experience at the Association of Related Churches (ARC) conference, ARC2024.

“Yesterday was overwhelming and a full circle moment,” Chandler wrote. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to connect with inspiring leaders over the past 13 years at ARC conferences, calling them “family.”

Chandler went on to acknowledge the outpouring of support he received, extending his appreciation even to the conference staff in Maryland, who ensured a smooth experience. “I am honored!” he exclaimed.

His message didn’t stop there. Chandler used the platform to encourage those lacking a strong support network to find a community. “Hey listen, if you don’t have a family, a covering, people you can do this ministry life with, take this as your sign to commit to one,” he urged.

The post also featured expressions of gratitude towards specific individuals. Chandler offered heartfelt thanks to his friend, Pastor Daniel Floyd, and his pastor, Chris Hodges. He acknowledged Pastor Hodges’ “yes,” referring to his support and continued mentorship in leadership.

Concluding the post, Chandler declared ARC2024 an unforgettable experience, one that will stay with him forever. “ARC2024 will be a moment I will never forget,” he wrote.

Held on April 23rd and 24th at The Church of Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, ARC2024 has been a significant event for church and ministry leaders. The conference left a lasting spiritual impact on many attendees, who took to social media to share their experiences. This outpouring of positive responses suggests a successful gathering that fostered spiritual growth and connection among leaders.


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