Steven Furtick: Go Back For Your Benefit

Today, we bring you a message from Pastor Steven Furtick titled, “Go Back For Your Benefit.”

Pastor Furtick teaches us in this message about the power of reflection. Sometimes in our lives, we have to go back for our own benefit. It helps us understand ourselves better and know where improvement is needed. Hezekiah is a king that you don’t hear about too much right and the prophet Isaiah who you hear about a lot comes to him and says you’re gonna die and he has these painful boils all over his body and Hezekiah prays and cries and God says okay you’re gonna live 15 more years gives him an extension on his life right and to prove it he makes this shadow that had stretched on the steps of the temple go back 10 steps and so challenge the shadow was the idea that just because it seems to be going one way just because it seems like you’re all out of time just because it seems like it’s too late for you just because it seems like this is the way you’ve always been just because it seems like everybody in your family just because it seems like doesn’t mean that that’s the reality.

Isaiah asks Hezekiah: Hezekiah, do you want the shadow to go forward or back? Forward was the way it was already going, but for it to go back, well, God would have to do that, yeah, so that would show him that God was going to heal him. Prophet Isaiah tells Hezekiah, You’re going to die; there’s nothing I can do, and then it says that the Lord spoke to him, Go back and tell Hezekiah I’ve heard your prayers, and then he tells the shadow to go back. It’s the idea that not only did God tell Hezekiah he could live and send Isaiah back, but the shadow went back. He prophesied to have what Hezekiah wrote after he recovered, okay, and he starts pouring out his heart to God, okay, not when he was still sick but after he was made well, another example of going back, yeah, he’s going back and he’s looking at what he went through through the experiences of what he learned because he went through them, so he’s looking at what he’s been through through the lens of the benefits, Isaiah 38 verse 17. Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish. Sometimes we have to reflect for our own benefit, pouring our hearts out to God and remembering all the good things he has done for us in the past.


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