Joyce Meyer: Keys to Marriage – Part 2

Enjoying Everyday Life shares this message by Joyce Meyer titled “Keys to Marriage,” and this is Part 2 of this message.

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message how to have a good relationship and the keys to marriage. We have to learn to invite God into every area of our relationship and to forgive each other without keeping School. With God’s help, you can have a beautiful marriage that lasts a lifetime. We have to learn to forgive fast and let go of things really fast, and that’s so important in a marriage because if you don’t let go of it, the longer you hang on to it, the bigger it’s going to seem to you. How to make our relationships great: this is the message to people: stop looking for reasons to get a divorce and start looking for reasons to stay together. Think about the good things and not just the bad things. Pastor Joyce tells us about her experience: “I actually remember one time God put this on my heart. I was mad at Dave about something, and you’re kidding, you never knew. I took out a piece of paper and I made a list of everything that I didn’t like about Dave, and then I made a list of everything that I did like about him. You know, the amazing thing was that the list of things I liked was so much longer than the list of things that I didn’t.

We need to focus more on the good things than the bad things, but we tend to focus on the few things that we don’t like. Did that surprise you when you saw it?Pastor Joyce says one of the reasons we are still married is because Dave has always been a really positive person and he is easy-going; you know, he’s not quick to get angry, and I think that he looked at the good parts more than he looked at the bad parts. I don’t know of anybody who could stay married if all you did was look at what was wrong with the other person all the time.


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