Steven Furtick: This Doesn’t Make Sense!

Today, we bring you a message from Pastor Steven Furtick titled, “This Doesn’t Make Sense!”

Pastor Furtick teaches us about trusting God even when it doesn’t make sense. If one of the reasons we get dry inside is because we need to stop saying so much about what we see and start saying more about what God says, We have to come to a point where we believe what God has said over our lives instead of allowing the devil to use our situations to make us depressed. The structure of this is really helpful for your daily life, because there’s what he sees and there’s what God says. Twice he says, “Thus says the Lord.” You might be in a situation where you’re like, “This is terrible, but thus says the Lord. This is painful, but thus says the Lord.” “Are you teaching us to live in denial?” No, We have to learn and know how to believe in God even when it doesn’t make sense.

Pastor Furtick says, ” I’m just teaching you not to live in dryness. It only makes it feel drier to drive down and dig deep into the things you see when what you see doesn’t match what God says. get you to learn in regard to dealing with the disappointments in your life, the dry places in your soul, and even the needs you have that you tend to meet in all of the wrong ways. When you get a word from God and hold on to it, believe God for it, walk in it, and work with it, “Thus says the Lord” is what gets you from this to what can be. When you don’t feel like a conqueror and you make yourself a victim and forget that he called you a victor, it is just a matter of time before you feel very dry. So this is the switch you have to make. “This is unfair.” Victim language. “Thus says the Lord, he will repay me double for my trouble, and no weapon…” The thing about God is that he will tell you to do crazy stuff that completely contradicts what makes sense in your logical mind. We have to live according to the will of God in our lives in order to see all the great things he has in store for us. Always remember to prepare for your breakthrough by believing the words of God concerning your life and stopping dealing with the victim mindset so that you can become a victor.


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