Sunday Sermon By Pastor Matt Hagee November 21: The Crisis of Faith

Sunday Sermon By Pastor Matt Hagee: The Crisis of Faith

This is the Sunday sermon by Pastor Matt Hagee for November 21 2021: “The Crisis of Faith” where he teaches that the government is trying to tell us what we can and cannot believe, what we can and cannot do. He said that the foundation of the United States was built by soldiers who selflessly gave their lives for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Matt Hagee said that currently, our freedoms are under attack and asked if you are putting your faith in God or the government?

Teaching that we should give thanks to God in all situations, Matt Hagee took to Instagram to write:

“In everything give thanks! On the good days and the bad…give thanks! He will supply all of your needs. Do you have the patience to wait on the goodness that He has intended for your life? Be thankful unto him and bless his name. All that you have, He has provided.”

Watch and learn from this Sunday Sermon by Pastor Matt Hagee titled “The Crisis of Faith” as we bring the latest messages and sermons from Cornerstone Church to you.

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