T.D. Jakes Foundation Donates $250000 Impact Grant to DEC Network

T.D. Jakes Foundation Donates $250000 Impact Grant to DEC Network
T.D. Jakes Foundation Donates $250000 Impact Grant to DEC Network

T.D. Jakes Foundation Donates $250000 Impact Grant to DEC Network

In a significant move to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs, the T.D. Jakes Foundation, led by Bishop T.D. Jakes has partnered with Wells Fargo to award a $250000 impact grant to the DEC Network.

The generous donation announced in a recent social media post aims to fuel the organization’s mission of fostering economic opportunity and growth within South Dallas.

The DEC Network, a non-profit championing equal access and economic impact, provides crucial resources to entrepreneurs through free business loan advice, capital assistance, and ongoing educational programs. Recognizing their vital role, Bishop Jakes expressed his strong belief in entrepreneurs as the driving force behind progress.

“I believe in entrepreneurs — the problem-solvers and risk-takers who lay the foundation for opportunity and growth,” wrote T.D. Jakes in a recent social media post. “TheDECNetwork is fueling empowerment for underrepresented business owners in South Dallas, offering free business loan advice, access to capital assistance, and ongoing education programs.”

The T.D. Jakes Foundation, known for its commitment to empowering communities, however expresses enthusiasm to support the DEC Network’s mission.

“The TDJ_Foundation, in collaboration with Wells Fargo, is proud to support the DEC with a $250,000 impact grant. We are thrilled to be part of this transformative journey with the DEC, making strides toward a more inclusive and prosperous entrepreneurial landscape, the post further read.”

The DEC Network impact grant comes one week after T.D. Jakes donated $250,000 to Sola Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality educational programming and career development opportunities in South Los Angeles.

At the time Jakes highlighted the power of action over words when it comes to enacting positive change. “You can’t just talk about impacting fundamental change for people starving for opportunity. When you have the means to truly make a lasting difference, you have to be about the work,” he stated.

The DEC Network and Sola Foundation grants represent a fulfillment of Bishop Jakes’s promise to support numerous community-based organizations. He announced, “We will be revealing the specific organizations receiving these impactful grants and how these funds will empower their vital missions to uplift those in need.”


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