TB Joshua’s Prayer For The Sick And Declarations Today

TB Joshua’s Prayer For The Sick And Declarations Today

“Whatever is in your system, wherever it is located, that sickness and disease – I command them out, in the name of Jesus! Leave my people! You, sickness and infirmity – leave my people! Jesus’ healing hand on you, in the name of Jesus! Say, “I am released!” I release you, in the name of Jesus!” – T.B. Joshua

PRAYER POINT: Continue to remove anything in your business, anything in your life that will prevent God from making all things possible for you.

“Every successful person wants to be loved and admired, but your enemies and critics will never leave your reputation unstained and untarnished – you must rise above that.” – Prophet T.B. Joshua

Are you suffering with any sickness – be it physical, spiritual or emotional? Are you under the torment of an affliction which refuses to yield? Are you ready for help and healing? This video is for you!!!

Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer and silence the voice of sickness, disease and pain in your life – in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

PRAYER POINT: By the power of the spoken Word that said, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of God,” right now, receive the key to stop Satan from coming into your life to steal, kill and destroy. Receive the key to put your enemy into perpetual lock!

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3 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s Prayer For The Sick And Declarations Today”

  1. Please pray for my sickness, heal me by your power prayer I need blessing in and miracles to change my life, to forgive my sin, and heal my sickness… Bless me with good job, better life and to remove my curse I believed this in Jesus Name Amen

  2. Please pray for me to heal my sickness, my pain, I need miracles to get better job, healing, to forgive my sin and to change my life,remove my curse.. I believed it in Jesus name Amen.


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