Tennessee MegaChurch Witnesses a ‘Genuine Move of God’

Because so many individuals spontaneously came forward to be baptized, a Tennessee megachurch had to postpone one of its services on Sunday.

“What happened yesterday was another genuine move of God. We baptized 136 on Sunday,” Long Hollow Senior Pastor Robbie Gallaty shared.

The Hendersonville, TN, church celebrated people who made a public declaration that they’re living a new life in Jesus Christ.

The baptisms that took place at Long Hollow are a small part of what God is doing across the country.

“We’re seeing God do something miraculous. This isn’t business as usual,” Gallaty said during service. “We had one person scheduled to be baptized, and at this point, we’ve seen 88 people spontaneously come forward for baptism today. It’s unbelievable. Only God.”

One man drove more than 300 miles to attend Sunday’s ceremony and spontaneously decided to participate in the baptism, according to Gallaty, and more others have signed up to be baptized the following Sunday.

“We saw more people baptized Sunday than any other time before (even during the revival). 8 people drove in after watching online; 6 people left the service, went home, and came back because the Holy Spirit convicted them to be obedient in baptism,” Gallaty wrote on Facebook.

He continued, “One guy said, ‘I have been worshipping online in Michigan for a year. God told me on Saturday to drive down to Hendersonville for worship. Today is my first time attending in person. I’ve put off baptism for years, and here I am in the tank to make it right.’ Only God can do something like that.”

As CBN News has reported, large-scale baptisms are taking place all over the country.

Last Sunday, Life Church celebrated the over 2,000 baptisms that took place across the church’s 40-plus campuses.

On Pentecost Sunday, more than 280 congregations and 8,000 attendees watched as 4,166 people went to the coast of Pirates Cove in California to confess their new life in Christ.

Harvest Christian Fellowship Sr. Pastor Greg Laurie held a massive baptism event, where 32,500 people gathered and 6,794 declared their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Pastor Gallaty encourages believers to pray for revival and emphasizes the importance of humility and the presence of God in the Bible. He believes that people should not earn salvation but rest in the victory Christ has already won on their behalf.

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