Terri Savelle Foy: The Miracle of Affirmations

We bring you today’s message from Pastor Terri Savelle Foy, which is titled “The Miracle of Affirmations.” Transform Your Life Speaking God’s Word.

Pastor Terri teaches us in this message about affirmation and the miracles that happens. Over the years many people have confirmed the great effects of affirmation in their lives. Whatever our mind hear us say is what it will believe, so we have to fill our mind with positive affirmation in order for us to see great and positive changes in our lives. You have to know that your mind will always try to talk you out of God’s best you’ll consistently feel unqualified too shy incapable unworthy unskilled afraid intimidated less than average. you have to believe in yourself a little more believe that God’s word was it’s true and it was written for you believe that when you take authority over your thought life and you just begin speaking faith-filled words over yourself that your life is moving in that direction. Pastor Terri tells us story in order to motivate us “a university Professor who made a unique offer to his college students one day as he was getting ready to give the final exams of the semester he bragged about how proud he was of the class and said that they had done so well that he wanted to offer them something special he said anyone who would like to receive an automatic fee on this test raise you hand and he explained that they wouldn’t be tested whatsoever just lift your hand no pressure no failing grade you’re going to pass with flying colors well one hand went out then another hand went up another until about half the class got up and walked out of the room they were so relieved no stress no worry no failing grade well then the professor went on to pass out the test to the rest of the students that were left there but he placed them face down on their desk and he asked them not to turn him over until he instructed them to do so for

the next several minutes he encouraged them on how they were going to go far in life that they should always strive to do their absolute best then he instructed them to turn the test over and get started when they turned over the papers it had only two sentences and this is what it said congratulations you just made an a the ones who stayed and believed that they had what it took to get an A they got the a why settle for a c when you can get an A why settle for mediocrity when God has amazing plans for your life right why settle for less simply because of your belief system see when you allow negative thoughts to remain in your mind you’re settling for a seed and God has so much more for you but you have to change your internal and your external dialogue about yourself.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Terri Savelle Foy: The Miracle of Affirmations” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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