The Right Decision

The right decision

The Right Decision: We spend so many times trying to know if the decisions that we are making are right. Some of us are afraid of making the wrong decisions in life, so that makes us worry a lot.

We have to know that God is always with us, so involving him in everything that we do is important. Sometimes most of us get stuck when making decisions that are not so important.

Having a closer relationship with God is really important because if we are closer to him, we can hear from him. Our heavenly father is talking to us all the time, but most of us can’t hear him.

There are a lot of distractions in the world today that take our attention away from God. As Christians, we have to be careful about what we are paying attention to so that we don’t end up being confused in the future.

If you want a bright future, it all depends on the decisions that you make today. Don’t sit down and wait for life to happen to you; take control of your life.

Our heavenly father has given us the ability to make decisions for ourselves, but we have to involve him. God knows what’s best for us, and his plan is better than our own plans.

Is it Fine to Be Confused?

The Right Decision pt2

Most of us think that being confused is a bad thing, and it means that you’re not intelligent. When we are taking decisions for our personal lives, businesses, and so on, it is okay to be confused.

Being confused will help you know that you need more help, and that will get you prepared. If you are confused in any area of your life, instead of giving up, just give it to God, and he will take control.

We have to learn how to surrender to God because he is powerful and greater. No matter what situations we find ourselves in, we have to know that only he has the answer.

God is the creator of the universe, so he has the answer to everything that we are confused about. Our heavenly father has given us the power of free will, so let’s be careful.

Let us stop being afraid of being confused because, with God, we can find all the answers that we need.

We have the Holy Spirit.

The Right Decision pt3

When Jesus Christ was leaving the earth so that he could prepare heaven for us, he promised us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a gift given to us by God that lives inside of us.

The spirit of God is inside of us to guide us through everything that we need. We have to surrender ourselves to God so that we can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can make the right decisions because he cares about us. When the decision we’re about to make is not godly, he will tell us through our feelings and other signs.

Even though God gave us the power of free will, we must learn to involve the Holy Spirit all the time. The wrong decision has the power to ruin our lives forever and leave us frustrated.

If we want a better life, we must make better life decisions because comparing ourselves with others won’t help us.

It is important for us to make decisions to grow spiritually, mentally, financially, and emotionally so that we can have a better future. After making the decisions, we must take action to bring them to reality.




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