Walk In Love

Walk in Love

Walk in Love

Walk in Love: How must you love? How much do you forgive? As Christians, how much we love is really important.

God is love, so we are to be like him by loving people around us unconditionally. We can be selfish and happy at the same time in our lives.

We have to be determined not to live for ourselves alone because we are meant to care for others. Every instruction that God has given us is for our own good, and if we obey them, it will benefit us.

If we are obedient, we will eat the fruit of the land, so that means obedience comes with benefits. Our heavenly father cares about us, so he won’t give us commandments that are not to benefit us.

He has instructed us not to be selfish because selfish people are unhappy people, so he doesn’t want us to be unhappy.

Loving other people takes a lot of practice and determination for us to achieve. If we want to make God happy, it has to be through our behaviors here on earth toward each other.

Being unhappy is not the best way to live the life that God has given us. Jesus came to die for us because he loved us and did not want us to perish.

Let’s be like God.

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How can we be like God?

The truth is that none of us can be as holy as God, but we can do our best to love like him. God will never change; we’re the ones to keep changing toward God’s glory.

God is trying to bring us closer to him so that we can have a stronger relationship. Adam’s suffering started when he left God’s presence because he was disobedient to him and Eve.

Adam and Eve took the blessings of the Lord for granted, which led them to suffer. God gave us his beloved son to die for us so that we could come back to him through the blood of Jesus.

The devil only came to steal, kill, and destroy, so if any of us choose to follow him, that will ruin us. Jesus Christ came to give us life and for us to have it abundantly.

We are to follow Christ like his children because he walks in love. Everything that we are doing here on earth should reflect God’s glory.

We are God’s representatives here on earth, so we must love as God does.

The world is looking at us.

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No matter what we do here on earth, everyone is watching us and judging our behavior as Christians. The way we dress, behave, and relate to people is being counted on by the rest of the world.

We are not to be afraid of people watching us because if we behave right, we can draw them to God. When we behave right, it brings glory to the name of God.

We must be kind and loving to people around us, and if we do so, that will attract them to God. God has designed us to bring glory to him through everything that we do.

Christians are expected to have godly characters so that we are different from the world. If we are unloving and full of judgment, that will make us appear like unbelievers.

If we want to correct someone who is not behaving right, let us do it in love. Let us learn how to correct people in love and not judge them or treat them unkindly because God won’t be happy with us.

Remember, we are God’s representatives, and the world is watching us, so in everything we do, let’s bring glory to God.

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