Tony Evans Sermons – Judgment in God’s House

Tony Evans Sermons - Judgment in God's House

Tony Evans Sermons Judgment in God’s House

This new message from Pastor Tony Evans titled “Judgment in God’s House” which we are bringing to you to make your day.  The text for this message is from the book of 1 Peter 4 : 17-19.

An embassy is a representation of a country’s interest in a foreign land. The church is heaven’s embassy and the purpose is to let people know that if you follow the precepts of heaven that everything will be better.

What happens when the embassy shuts down? It simply means that it is time and the Judgement will begin in the house of God. The times that we are in now is one that we cannot ignore.

He tells us that it is a Kairos moment which is a post Christian culture. It a time when the clearer you are about your faith, you will be mocked. The time the crowd will not agree with you as a Christian. T

What is the purpose of the judgement of God in the church? The purpose is designed to show who is for real and who is fake. A lot of people are in church and are fake. It is designed to reveal who the saints are.

The pressure against the church by the enemy will be used by God to reveal who the real Christians were. The question now is will take your stand for Christ.

This is a message that you will love.

Pastor Tony Evans is the lead pastor of the Oak Hills Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and has transformed the lives of many people through his teachings and way of life.

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