Uebert Angel Jr. Holds a Private Discussion with President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe

Uebert Angel Jr. Holds a Private Discussion with President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe

In a recent social media post expressing deep gratitude, Uebert Angel Jr. son of one of the most popular African preachers Uebert Angel recounts a “tremendous honour” following his engagement in a private discussion with His Excellency, President Emmerson D. Mnangagwa, of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Angel Jr. who oversees his father’s Spirit Embassy Church in London praised the invaluable time afforded to him by Mnangagwa . He went on to describe the encounter as an opportunity to “gleam insights from the President’s remarkable mind.”

The statement also extends appreciation to Ambassador U.A., who facilitated the introduction and offered a glimpse into the “intricate work transpiring behind the scenes.”

While the nature of the discussion remains undisclosed, Uebert Jr.’s meeting with the president has piqued the interest of observers. His public expression of gratitude and respect signals a potentially positive development in the ongoing relationship between the president and his father, Uebert Angel.

An intriguing and controversial relationship exists between President Mnangagwa and Uebert Angel. In 2021, President Mnangagwa appointed Angel as a special envoy and ambassador-at-large to Europe and the Americas. The move however raised eyebrows given Angel’s lack of traditional diplomatic experience.

Mnangagwa has also actively participated in Angel’s church events. Last year he virtually participated in the Spirit Embassy’s Exodus night event. His presence added significance to the event which witnessed a staggering record of 100,443,920 views.

On the other hand, Angel has been a vocal supporter of Mnangagwa. He has also used his platform to defend the President against criticism and promote his government’s policies.

However, the relationship has also been dogged by allegations of corruption and financial impropriety. In 2023, an Al Jazeera documentary titled “Gold Mafia” implicated Angel in a gold smuggling scheme that allegedly involved Mnangagwa’s knowledge and consent. The documentary alleged that Angel used his diplomatic status to smuggle gold out of Zimbabwe in exchange for laundering dirty money.

Both Mnangagwa and Angel have vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “outrageous” and “baseless.” However, the investigation has cast a shadow over their relationship and raised concerns about potential abuse of power and corruption.


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