Uebert Angel Jr. Visits Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Uebert Angel Jr. Visits Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Uebert Angel Jr. Visits Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Uebert Angel Jr., son of prominent Zimbabwean preacher Prophet Uebert Angel, took to social media today to share a heartfelt message about a recent visit to his father’s “dear brother,” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

In the Instagram post garnering over 9,000 likes, Angel Jr. details the profound influence his father, the Spirit Embassy founder, and Emmanuel Makandiwa, who leads United Family International Church in Zimbabwe have had on his life. He describes witnessing “angelic visitations” and the “Lord Jesus Christ Himself” within their home, highlighting the strong faith instilled in him from a young age.

Angel Jr. goes on to express his appreciation for the “celestial link” between his father and Prophet Makandiwa, emphasizing the importance of unity and love among Christian leaders.

“Despite the uncertainties and discord prevalent in the Christian sphere among ministers and so-called men and women of God, the celestial link between my father, Prophet Uebert Angel, and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa illuminated my journey with heavenly guidance that gave me hope that Christian ministers can actually co-share and love each other profoundly, he wrote.

Angel Jr. further characterized his recent journey from London to Zimbabwe as a “divine instruction.” He additionally expressed immense gratitude for the opportunity to receive guidance from these respected figures.

“I am sincerely grateful to my father and his dear brother for facilitating this sacred experience,” he noted.

The post concludes with Angel Jr.’s gratitude for the “unmatched grace” and “selfless bestowal of time” from Prophet Makandiwa. He acknowledges the significant impact this encounter will have on his own path in ministry.

Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa are well-known figures in Zimbabwean Christianity. Although their ministries have attracted large followings, there is occasional controversy. Angel Jr. leads Spirit Embassy London and Dubai branch.


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