Ugandan Teenager Locked Up And Starved for Being A Christian

Ugandan Teenager Locked Up And Starved for Being A Christian

Ugandan Teenager Locked Up And Starved for Being A Christian

Ugandan Teenager Locked Up And Starved for Being A Christian:

Earlier this month, an evangelical team in eastern Uganda found evidence that a Muslim had starved his 17-year-old son for more than four months in exchange for him accepting Christ.

The teenager was locked up when his father, Mr. Musobya Aramanzani of Nankoma, Bugiri District, learned that his son had accepted Christ earlier this year after hearing preaching in Iganga.

It was on Sept. 15 that the pastor learned of the abuse during evangelistic home visits in Nankoma. He said the previous day, Aramanzani did not allow him and other Christians engaged in an evangelistic campaign that week to enter his property.

The pastor and the team pleaded to be granted a few minutes to pray for the family; they were given five minutes, he said.

“As we were praying, there was a very strong, bad smell in the house,” said the pastor, whose name is withheld for security reasons. “Since we were many, we forcefully entered the inner room where the smell was coming from and found a teenage boy in a dilapidated state.”

The pastor got to know that the teenager had been locked up for more than four months for converting to Christianity by the neighbors.

When Aramanzani’s son returned home, he and other family members tied him up and refused him food because he had “become a Christian by making a public confession,” which was a disgrace to the family.

The boy appears to be starved in a photograph taken of him that Morning Star News was able to secure. The teenager’s name has been withheld for security reasons, but team members were forced to take him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

At the hospital, the pastor said, the boy was able to utter only a few words about his mistreatment. The pastor said he learned from his mother that she had provided him with water while he was locked up.

“The mother used to sneak in with only water, but when her son fell sick, she didn’t bring him medicine but insulted him by calling him an infidel to the family religion and saying that he should die,” the pastor reported.

Mr. Aramanzani later repented of the cruelty and other sins and put his faith in Christ, the pastor said.



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