Christian Teen Fatally Shoots Self In Front Of Police At Party

Christian Teen Fatally Shoots Self In Front Of Police At Party

Christian Teen Fatally Shoots Self In Front Of Police At Party

Christian Teen Fatally Shoots Self In Front Of Police At Party: Jaylee Chillson, a 14-year-old Kansas kid, shot herself to death in front of a police officer after her family reported that she had left their home to attend a party she had been warned she was not permitted to attend. Her parents claim she was receiving therapy for the persistent bullying she had experienced at school.

According to a statement released on September 18 by the Cloud County Sheriff’s Office, authorities were contacted on September 16 at about 11:25 p.m. by a Clay Center resident who needed assistance finding a 14-year-old female family member who was “believed to have run away, and was thought to be attending a party near Aurora, Kansas.”

A deputy then responded to an outdoor field party attended by college and high school students that was being held in Aurora. Jaylee was eventually located, and the officer tried to convince her to return home. As the officer was escorting her to his patrol vehicle, “she pulled out a firearm and shot herself.”

Investigators made it clear that “the deputy did not draw his firearm” but did not state where Jaylee got the gun she used to shoot herself. According to the statement, the deputy attempted to save her life with an off-duty firefighter, but she was declared dead at the site just after midnight.

It was also noted that “multiple partygoers witnessed the incident and offered interviews” and the investigation into the shooting is still underway.

Jaylee’s father, Jeb Chillson, who is a former EMT, told  that his daughter left the family home after she was told she was not allowed to go to the party. He said he was helping the police with the search for his daughter when he heard a gunshot.

“I heard people talking about a gun. I hear a gunshot ring out, and I call the dispatch and ask if their deputy shot, and they said no, but they hear reports of shots fired,” he said.

“They told me not to go in there, but I said [I] used to be an EMT, I can help. When I got closer, they told me that there was a girl shot, so I took off running. I see my daughter on the ground, being held up by one of the partygoers. As I come up to the deputy, he tells me that she pulled the gun out and shot herself as he was going over to her,” Jeb Chillson recalled.

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