Vlad Savchuk Ministry Celebrates Growth and Impact

Vlad Savchuk Ministry Celebrates Growth and Impact

Vlad Savchuk Ministry (VSM) celebrates as the organization achieved significant growth and impact, reaching millions through diverse platforms and prioritizing team building and spiritual well-being.

Pastor Vlad Savchuk, the ministry’s founder, recently took to social media to share their milestone. He revealed that since the ministry’s foundation in 2021, it has grown to a team of 9 full-time employees and over 11 contractors, boasting a combined social media following of over 3.19 million. The English YouTube channel alone according to Vlad’s statement boasts 1.28 million subscribers and 154 million views, with additional channels in Spanish, Russian, and dedicated to Lana.

VSM Staff has released 59 reading plans on YouVersion, garnering over 2.18 million subscriptions and 1.22 million plan completions. Their publications extend to 6 books, including the 10-language translated “Break Free,” all available for free download.

“VladSchool now offers 14 courses, serving 120k students at no charge,” Vlad shared. “Our website, filled with a wealth of free resources such as blogs, PDFs, and book downloads, was visited 1,725,568 times just last year.”

Additionally speaking about how he managed to “avoid burnout and keep going,” Vlad Savchuk emphasizes he prioritizes nurturing individuals over chasing numbers. He also prioritizes daily prayer and exercise, weekly downtime, and regular fasting to maintain spiritual and personal well-being.

Savchuk emphasizes nurturing individuals over chasing numbers, prioritizing daily spiritual practices and personal well-being. “I have a team. Teamwork makes the dream work, he said. “When donations come, I spend funds to build a team instead of taking money for myself.”

Seeking self-improvement, Vlad pursued higher education despite not needing it for his ministry, aiming to be a better teacher, preacher, and minister. Leading out of his marriage, he views it as his first ministry, prioritizing serving the local church and grounding himself in God.

Vlad maintains that his core mission remains to teach the Bible, model its teachings, and empower others to live for Jesus. Acknowledging that  Serving at a local church grounds me in God, Vlad noted that he utilizes his ministry to strengthen local churches.


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