We Christians Are Made For More

We as Christians Are Made For More

We Christians Are Made For More.

We Christians Are Made For More: A lot of people in the world are uncomfortable with minimal blessings, but they are afraid to ask God for more.

They don’t want to appear ungrateful, so they go around with small blessings. God created us in his image, so we are made for more. Don’t be afraid of asking God for something special.

Our heavenly father cares about us, and he wants us to live a fulfilled life. We have to know that there is nothing too much for God to do for us.

We may not deserve those blessings, but we get what Jesus deserves; we’re inheritors,co-heirs with Christ. Jesus has paid for everything with his blood; all we have to do is ask and believe.

We don’t need to live our lives complaining about everything when we can simply ask. We should cast away the spirit of fear from our hearts and minds so that we can talk to God.

As Christians, we are not to go through life struggling with everything. Our creator and the one who created the universe cares about us, and whatever we ask in the name of Jesus is given to us.

We must understand that our Lord is strong and capable of performing amazing things in our lives.

Go after your dreams.

We Christians Are Made For More pt2

Some of us are afraid of going after our dreams because we don’t know if we can succeed.

How are you going to win in life when you are thinking about failure? Fear is from the devil to trap us in one position in life.

God wants us to grow to our highest potential with the gifts and talents he has given us. The truth is that chasing your dreams can be scary, but we have God on our side.

With God on our side, nothing can go wrong in our lives, so trust him with all your heart. The Holy Spirit has been given to us by God to guide us through everything.

Before we make any decision, we must learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit. If you allow fear to hold you down, there is nothing that will work for you.

No matter what your goals or dreams are, God can help us achieve them if they are godly.

  • Do you want your own house?
  • start a business?
  • get promotion?
  • your kids to serve the Lord?
  • to get out of debt
  • to be healthy.
  • healed.
  • overcome bad habits.
  • Get your dream job.
  • Get closer to God.
  • Help more people.
  • be an artist
  • be a singer
  • write a book
  • be a chef

Always remember that we are made for more because our father is the creator. The source of our blessings will never come to an end.

Be with the right people.

We Christians Are Made For More pt3

When you have changed your mindset and believing that “we are made for more,” people around you can limit you.

We have to be careful about the people we surround ourselves with. There are people who are comfortable with not growing; they don’t want to grow, so they don’t want their friends to grow.

If your dreams are big, don’t be with dream killers because they can kill your passion. Dream killers have multiple reasons why your dreams are not achievable.

If you listen to people like that, with time, the devil will plant a seed of doubt in your heart. Cast away any spirit of fear or doubt and listen to the Holy Spirit alone.

God will not want you to be in the same position for the rest of your lives. He wants you to grow and achieve all your godly dreams so that his name will be glorified.

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