Bring People To Jesus Christ Through Your Behaviors

Bring People to Jesus Christ Through Your Behaviors

Bring people to Jesus Christ through your behaviors.

Bring People to Jesus Christ Through Your Behaviors: As Christians, we have heard that we have to bring people to Christ for them to be saved.

We have tried talking to unbeliever friends, and some agreed while others denied. Reading the Bible to an unbeliever is good, but sometimes it does not work at all.

We can pray for them in our room and ask God to prepare their hearts in order for them to hear his words.

God often brings opportunities for us to tell someone about Jesus. Judging a sinner is not a way to tell them about Christ, and it is not good.

If you see someone who is a sinner, instead of judging them, tell them that “Jesus loves them” or just pray for them in your heart.

Our prayers are always heard by God, and he will send the only spirit to speak to the person. We are to talk to people with love, not condemn them.

Talk through your actions.

Bring People to Jesus Christ Through Your Behaviors pt2

We have heard this saying, “Actions speak louder than words,” and that’s true. Many of us say things that we don’t mean, and some of us make promises that we don’t keep.

If we want to bring people together, our behaviors should represent God. How we relate to people is really important, so as Christians, we must be loving and kind, just like Jesus.

People are watching us, and our behaviors are being monitored. If we behave right, that will bring glory to God.

There are characteristics that are expected of us as Christians, like love, humility, caring, forgiveness, cheerfulness, and so on.

We can’t bring people to God if we are rude and always unhappy. Complaining and judging everyone will make people stay away from us.

When the world notices that you always have a peaceful mind, they will want to know your secret.

If we notice bad traits in our lives, we have to cast them away, like constant complaining, being unhappy, and being rude.

When you are happy in the midst of your life struggle while others are complaining that you make you stand out,.

Give to other people.

Bring People to Jesus Christ Through Your Behaviors pt3

Another way that we can bring people to God is by being cheerful givers. When people notice how much of a giver you are, they want us to know your God.

You don’t need millions in order to be a cheerful giver, so you don’t have any excuse. Share your food and lend help to people at work or anyone else.

People will notice how Christlike you are if you are caring, and that will bring glory to God. Many people in the world are looking for something to believe in, so let’s use our kindness to show them Jesus.

Don’t complain or judge.

Bring People to Jesus Christ Through Your Behaviors pt4

There are going to be times when people’s behaviors or habits make us want to complain. Instead of judging people and condemning them, pray for them so that God can change their hearts.

We have to know that no one is perfect, but only God has the power to change people. Judging people will not change their minds; it will make them run away from you.

There have been times when complaining has given no solution to a problem. Even when things are not going well for us, let us learn how to give it to God.

When the unbelievers see how peaceful our mind is in the midst of our trouble, they will want to know our secret.

Nothing in this world is worthy enough to steal the peace of mind that God has given us through his son Jesus.

When you are complaining constantly, no one will want to be around you. Be at peace and give it all to God in prayer, for he listens to you.



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