WHO Medical Supplies For Gaza Lands In Egypt

WHO Medical Supplies For Gaza Lands In Egypt

WHO Medical Supplies For Gaza Lands In Egypt

WHO Medical Supplies For Gaza Lands In Egypt: The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean claimed on X, the social networking site formerly known as Twitter, that a plane carrying World Health Organization medical supplies for Gaza landed in Egypt’s Al-Arish Airport on Friday morning.

The shipment included “surgical supplies and instruments for 1000 medical operations, water tanks, and tents,” according to a post from the WHO office.

“We are ready to deliver a stream of life-saving supplies. What we need now is the immediate and uninterrupted flow of these supplies to Gaza,” the WHO’s post added.

Egypt’s Al-Arish airport is located approximately 45 kilometers (about 27 miles) away from the Rafah crossing.

It should be noted that the crossing between southern Gaza and Egypt has remained shut, with aid unable to get into the Palestinian enclave as residents there face a deepening humanitarian crisis. Opening the border and ensuring the safe passage of any aid to Gaza has been a complicated process with several parties involved.

In addition,  219 trucks are currently waiting at the Rafah border crossing — 115 that belong to the Egyptian Red Crescent Society and 104 that contain aid originating from other countries.

The essential items the aid trucks must bring in include fuel, water, food and medicine. The remaining fuel reserves will suffice for only a few more days and are crucial for powering generators in hospitals. Without a replenishment of fuel, hospitals will be left without electricity, jeopardizing the lives of patients who rely on life-saving medical equipment. Additionally, the scarcity of water and food supplies could lead to a severe humanitarian crisis, exacerbating the already dire situation.

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