Woman Evolve Pays off $25000 in Bills for WE Care Campaign

Woman Evolve Pays off $25000 in Bills for WE Care Campaign

Woman Evolve Pays off $25000 in Bills for WE Care Campaign: In a display of exceptional generosity, Woman Evolve, a Christian movement led by pastor Sarah Jakes Robert has paid off a staggering $25,000 in bills for the WE Care Campaign, providing critical financial relief to 40 deserving women.

The impactful donation was announced in a statement shared Tuesday on the Woman Evolve Instagram page. The donation addresses essential needs like car payments, utilities, and housing costs, alleviating significant burdens for these women and families just in time for the holiday season.

“As we approach the holiday season, let it be known that the WE Care Campaign did what needed to be done! Everyone’s incredible support allowed us to pay $25,000 in bills, lifting financial burdens off the shoulders of 40 phenomenal women,” the statement read.

“Thanks to you, our expenses covered everything from car insurance and car notes to utilities, phone bills, rent, and mortgages, it added.

The group further expressed their commitment to ensuring that all women are reached out to. “The impact of your generosity is tangible. We are immensely proud to serve alongside you to ensure that NO WOMAN IS LEFT BEHIND.”

Woman Evolve has emerged as a force for positive change, impacting women’s lives and the communities it serves. More so, their unwavering dedication to empowering women manifests in diverse initiatives, generating tangible results and inspiring countless others.

Last month, the group shared a statement highlighting how donations they have received significantly impacted the lives of people this year.  We Care Campaign along with nine other organizations were enlisted, with each receiving a staggering amount.

In addition to the list of their benefactors, the group also “purchased back-to-school supplies for children in need, gifted journals to women at the Ohio State Prison, and provided rental payment to a member of the Delegation.”


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