Worship The Lord, For He Is Good

Worship the Lord For He Is Good

Worship the Lord, For He Is Good

Worship the Lord, For He Is Good: Worshipping the Lord is not only when we go to church on Sunday and sing to him.

To worship the Lord means acknowledging him all the time in our lives. We can’t live a worldly life and claim that we are worshipping God.

No matter how much we sing on Sunday morning at church, we are just singing. Godly living is not hard to attain, but the enemy has planted the idea in our minds that godly living is boring.

We are to obey the commandment of the Lord and trust him with all our hearts. When Jesus Christ came on earth, he knew that keeping the 10 commandments was hard for us. Jesus Christ explained the 10 commandments in a way we can understand.

  • Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
  • And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22:37–39).

If we are able to obey Jesus Christ, that means we can keep the 10 commandments. Worshipping the Lord is about doing all that will please him.

Without faith, we can’t please God. 

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Throughout the Bible, we have been told that our faith in God is really important. If we don’t believe in him, there is no way we can please him in our lives.

Acknowledging the Lord in our lives will help us to be aware of every action that we take in life. We are not allowed to behave like the rest of the world, so we are representing God.

Our Heavenly Father is interested in everything that we do here on earth, but we must invite him first. Jesus Christ is at the door of our hearts, knocking every day for us to open up to him.

When we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ, the spirit of God will take control. When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, he’ll transform us from the inside out.

The transformation is not done over night, so we must be willing to work with him. There will be moments in our lives when our old selves will try to come back, but don’t give in.

Old bad habits that we used to enjoy will become something we are not comfortable with again. None of us are perfect on our own, but Jesus Christ has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us through everything.

Singing to the Lord on Sunday morning is a good thing, but let us know that worship is what we do every day.

We are new creatures. 

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As Christians, when we walk with the Holy Spirit, he’ll transform us into new creatures. Our physical bodies might not change, but our spirits and souls are being renewed.

Our old selves will be something of the past, and we will become new every day. We are to be like our Lord Jesus Christ, but we are not to do it alone.

Our strength is limited, but God’s strength is infinite; nothing on earth can limit it. We are serving the creator of the universe; there is nothing impossible for God.

He can change your lost relative and make him or her worship him with all their heart. We will learn how to love the way Jesus does and be more forgiving.

Those who have a hot temper can attest to how the Holy Spirit has given them peace of mind. People who have issues with being in debt, watching porn, or addicted to drugs have all testified to how they were transformed by God.

There is nothing impossible for our Lord to do in our lives, so let us remember that worshipping God is about obeying him all the time.

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