Zoe Church LA Announce Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Zoe Church LA Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Zoe Church LA Announce Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: As the holiday season unfolds, Zoe Church LA is gearing up to deliver a festive treat.  The anticipation is palpable as the church announced its Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

Mark your calendars, because this is an event you won’t want to miss! It promises to be nothing short of magical. The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service isgoing tooffering attendees an immersive experience that combines the spirit of Christmas with the beauty of community celebration.

Zoe Church LA extends a warm invitation to families, friends, and neighbors to partake in this memorable evening. With an inclusive spirit, the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service welcomes everyone to share in the joy and create lasting memories.

As Christmas Eve approaches, Zoe Church LA invites all to embrace the radiant glow of the season and make this Candlelight Service an unforgettable moment in the tapestry of holiday memories. The service is set to take place on December 24th, 2023, at the following addresses:

Miguel Contreras:
322 S Lucas Ave, Los Angeles

2228 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles

You can also join the service online on Zoe Church YouTube Channel


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