5 Ways On How To Overcome Masturbation

5 Ways On How To Overcome Masturbation

5 Ways On How To Overcome Masturbation

5 Ways On How To Overcome Masturbation: When we hear the word masturbation, we often feel uncomfortable. Masturbation is not a topic that everyone is comfortable talking about.

With access to the internet, it has been reported that the rate of masturbation has increased. People often think that teenagers are the only ones engaging in the act of masturbation, but adults do the same too.

We don’t have to ignore the topic of masturbation because it is causing harm to many people. Teenagers should know that masturbation is not good so that they don’t get involved in it. Adults who are already practicing it should know that they can overcome it.

  1. Pray to God: We have to know that God is always listening to us and that he wants to help us. We should not be afraid of telling God about our personal problems. When we pray to him, he will make a plan to save us. Pray to God to give you the strength to overcome it.
  2. Stop Watching Pornography: It can be hard to stop watching pornography, but if we are determined, we can do it. We need to stay away from sites that can remind us of pornography. Try watching other interesting movies or reading some books.
  3. Find a Hobby: When you have something else that you are interested in, that can help you. Try playing sports, painting, gardening, or exercising. When you are busy with something you like, there will be no time to think about porno.
  4. Go to Therapy: Therapy can help in healing someone’s desire to quit pornography. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help overcome obsessive masturbation.
  5. Surround yourself with supportive people. Find someone you can trust—someone who can keep your secret and support you. This person can help you track your progress.

Conclusion: We have to know that no matter what we are facing in life, we can overcome it if we are determined. God is always there to help us out so that we can be better.

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