10 Things You Don’t Know About Dr. Francis Myles

Dr. Francis Myles is a native of Zambia. He started his ministry in Africa, after God saved him on his deathbed as a teenager. God showed him how to break generational curses once and for all through DNA salvation.

Being called to the ministry and also being drawn to the market place really got him thinking about what this could mean and he sought the face of God on the issue. It was then that the inspiration behind “The Order of Melchizedek Supernatural School of Ministry” manifested.

The Order of Melchizedek Supernatural School of Ministry is a training school for business leaders, government officials and pastors to find their purpose in life in the order of Melchizedek.

He is a renowned speaker, a spiritual life coach, a conference speaker, a husband, a father and a businessman.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Dr. Francis Myles Are:

  1. Dr. Francis Myles currently resides in the United States.

  2. He is the Senior Pastor of Royal Priesthood International Church in Tempe, Arizona.

  3. Myles is the developer of the “Jump the Line” mobile app, that helps people break the genetic ties in their bloodline and connect them to God’s royal bloodline.

  4. He is married to Carmela Real Myles who is a native of the Philippines.

  5. Francis Myles and his family live in the Phoenix-Metropolis in Arizona.

  6. He and his wife Carmela are the co-founders of Lovefest Church in Tempe and Atlanta.

  7. His wife Carmela is the pastor at the Women’s Ministry of the Lovefest Church in Tempe.

  8. Francis Myles Wife, Carmela Myles creates Digital Arts.

  9. He is the author of so many Christian spiritual books and some of his works include: Issuing Divine Restraining Orders From The Courts of Heaven, Breaking Generational Curses Under the Order of Melchizedek, Power and Dangers of Transition, The Spirit of Divine Interception and many more.

  10. Dr. Francis Myles hails from Zambia.

His official website is francismyles.com

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