Bishop Felix Adejumo: Biography, Family, Ministry, & Net Worth

Bishop Felix Adejumo is a Nigerian pastor, teacher, author, speaker and humanitarian. The preacher is the General Overseer of Agape Christian Ministries.

Felix Omobude Adejumo was born on February 14, 1959, in Edo State, Nigeria. He grew up in a Christian family and developed a passion for ministry from a young age. He later attended and graduated from the University of Ibadan.

In 1992, Felix Adejumo founded the Agape Christian Ministries, a non-denominational ministry focused on spreading the message of love, faith, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years, the ministry has grown significantly and has had a profound impact on the lives of many people in Nigeria and beyond.

Adejumo is a dynamic preacher and conference speaker, known for his powerful sermons and teachings on various topics, including faith, marriage, family, leadership, and personal development. He has been invited to speak at conferences and events across the world, inspiring and empowering audiences with his messages.

Apart from his ministry work, Felix Adejumo is also an author. He has written several books that provide insights into Christian living, relationships, and spiritual growth.


Born on June 20 1954, in Ororuwo, Boripe local government area of Osun State, Nigeria, he was born in a very humble background that his parents could not afford to have him in a hospital. Today, the Bishop is the founder and the senior pastor of one of the biggest churches in Nigeria. He is also a philanthropist and has built the Karis Life Hospital in Akure.
Bishop Felix Adejumo is popular for his passion in encouraging people to be their best in life. His soft spoken nature has endeared many to him. His teachings are loaded with wisdom and this is something that has made him an outstanding preacher. The Bishop travels the world speaking about leadership in conferences and seminars.
Bishop Felix Adejumo: Biography, Family, Ministry, & Net Worth


Bishop Felix was born on June 20, 1954.


The Bishop attended the University of Ibadan where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree.


He is happily married to the popular Nigerian female preacher, Reverend Funke Felix-Adejumo. The couple have been married for 37 years as at the time of this publication. They got married on the 8th of September, 1984. God blessed their marriage with four biological children (two sons and two daughters), grandchildren, and numerous adopted and spiritual children.

Rev Funke Adejumo is the president of Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation (FFAF), a non governmental organization that help women. The organization is founded with the aim of helping people who live in poverty like she once did. She also runs an orphanage, Grace Orphanage. In 2003, She and her husband, Felix Adejumo, built a children’s hospital

In addition, she runs Another Chance Women’s Home. It is a home for women who are victims of domestic violence. The home make  provisions for these women to leave in until they heal.

Bishop Felix and Rev. Funke were ordained as Ministers of God in Ondo State, Nigeria, on August 12, 1989.


Bishop Felix Adejumo: Biography, Family, Ministry, & Net Worth
Bishop Felix Adejumo and Wife, pastor Funke Adejumo

Agape Christian Ministries

Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Agape Christian Ministries Worldwide. He pastors the church with his wife, Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo.
Bishop Felix got a call from God to enter the ministry as he had settled with his family  in Ibadan after their marriage. It took him three years before he was able to convince his wife of his revelation to begin his ministry in Ondo state. The couple eventually moved to Akure where they started Agape Christian Ministries.
The Agape Christian Ministries was founded on 7th August, 1988 and held her first service same day with two families as first members at Victory Nursery School, Akure.

Today, Agape Christian Ministries is one of the well-known churches in Nigeria, with branches in over 30 locations within the country. The church also has several thousand members, spread across ten states of Nigeria, over thirty-five (35) parishes, several ministry arms and is present across three continents of the World. The church marked her 21st Anniversary in 2023.


Bishop Felix Adejumo is a prolific author and some of his authored books include:
  • Abuse Of Leadership,
  • Strength For Tomorrow,
  • The Sevenfold Covenant and
  • The Woman In Your House.


  1. The Winning Edge
  2. God Answers Prayers
  3. My Story Must Change
  4. The Laws of the Next Level
  5. Lord If Thou Has Ben Here

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