Bishop T.D. Jakes: Insights on Influence: Part 2

Bishop T.D Jakes shares this sermon titled “Insights on Influence: Part 2” where he asked if you know that you’re enough? He said life has a way of making you question who you are and the value you contribute and stressed that you remember, you are chosen. God is with you and He’s in you. You don’t have to wonder if you’ll be accepted; you’ve been hand-picked by God. Stand tall and hold your head up high like you belong here — because you do. This message is taken from Ephesians 1:1-9 (KJV).

He taught from the book of Ephesians chapter one and said we’ve been talking about influence and he thought it was important that we draw a line of distinction between influence and ambition. According to him, this is because a lot of times people get confused between the influence that comes from God and the ambition that comes out of you. This influence is not something that we are going to receive of God so that we could scratch our need to be ambitious … this influence really centers around being good stewards over the kingdom which he has given us influence.

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