Bishop T.D Jakes commemorates deceased mother’s birthday

Bishop T.D Jakes commemorates his deceased mother’s birthday while recalling the last time of hearing him minister at TBN.

Thomas Dexter Jakes, popularly known as T.D Jakes has on his Instagram disclosed that today is his mother’s birthday. He shared a photo of his young self passionately kissing a woman on the forehead. “This picture is the picture of my deceased mother,” the senior Pastor of Potters House Church disclosed, referring to the seemly old woman he was kissing in the photo.

Jakes went on to note that his mother was in the final stage of Alzheimer’s at the time the photo was taken. He also revealed that his mum lived with him until she died. He wrote “She was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. She stayed with me in my house until she passed away.”

Again, Bishop T.D Jakes narrated how his mother had come to surprise him at TBN on his birthday. “having rested all day so she could come out to @tbn where I was speaking on my birthday, she wanted to surprise me.” Jakes said, noting that it was the last day his mother heard him speak there.

Jakes further declared that today is his mother’s birthday. He however expressed his admiration for how strong and active her mother was in her good health. Again, Jakes revealed that his mother would d be glad to know that her children are moving on. “Today is my mother’s birthday. In health, she was the strongest, brightest person I’ve known. Happy Birthday, Momma!” Jakes wrote “What a blessing she was to us”, he added.

Odith Jakes, T.D. Jakes’s mother, was an economics teacher, while her husband Ernest was an entrepreneur. T.D Jake’s business life to an extent was influenced by his parents.


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